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Pesadesk Top up has 24x7 call centres are staffed with associates who are trained to answer all your queries in other languages.
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Q1 Can recharge be done for others?

Yes. You can recharge for your loved ones using Pesadesk Topup , Make Life Easy. You just need to know the mobile number to make a successful recharge.

Q2 What should I do if my recharge is not done?

If the Topup is not done wait for 5 minutes after the payment is successfully done. If your mobile number is still not recharged then write to us atĀ support@Pesadesk.com. We will respond to it as soon as possible.

Our Partners

Pesadesk has biggest partners in East Africa.We have start with the partners which are Airtel,Orange,Yu and Safarricom.We are working on more to add partners for recharge/topup to make life easy.