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Why Antivirus Website Protection?
Each site needs insurance. Regardless of whether your site doesn't have a great deal of traffic it very well may be assaulted by programmers. Our site antivirus causes you keep your site secure by distinguishing shortcomings that a programmer can use to gain admittance to your overseer's board or contaminate your guests with spyware and infections.

We pay attention to site security. Consistently our antivirus assists several site proprietors with removing secondary passages and malware from their sites. Our item utilizes totally one of a kind heuristic calculation to distinguish Backdoors, Viruses, PHP Mailers, Redirects, rootkids and so on. Regardless of whether the infection isn't in our database our antivirus can recognize it by dissecting document's code.

Consistently we get reports from our clients everywhere throughout the world. Our architects break down each contaminated document our client's sent to us - this is the thing that makes our item extraordinary. We get tainted records structure a large number of individuals from everywhere throughout the world and consistently we add them to our databases.

What you will get

  • Totally one of a kind antivirus answer for your site.
  • Conceivable to use on any CMS and any site.
  • Profound output of each document on your site.
  • Day by day cron highlight (naturally day by day examining of your site).
  • Every day update of the infection database.
  • Solid and one of a kind Heuristic calculation to recognize obscure infections.
  • Malware expulsion and code dissect administration
  • Proficient help from our security specialists, what's more, considerably more

Fundamental highlights

Savvy and Quick Malware Detection
Works quick and identifies a wide scope of malware types:
MySQL and JavaScript infusions, Hidden iFrames, PHP Mailers, Redirects, Backdoors, Trojan ponies and other malware types...

Isolate and Malware Removal
Erase the infections from your site with a single tick.

ode examine
With PRO form you have choice to send the records for more profound investigation. Our specialists can break down any malignant code.

Security scanner
Profound output of each record. We filter each and every record on your server, database tables.

Heuristic calculations to recognize obscure infections
Our interesting heuristic calculations distinguish more than different antivirus arrangements. Each site has a huge number of documents and our antivirus can limit break down scope of the records for website admins and site proprietors.

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